We are committed to helping you promote your music for licensing in Film, TV and Advertising.

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We have a wide variety of licensing opportunities in Film, TV and Advertising and we want you to submit your music to the right ones. How will you know if your music fits the opportunity? We work with our clients to define their creative needs and pass it on to you through detailed descriptions of what they are looking for and providing music examples.

Giving Your Music the Best Chance

We believe in giving your music the best chance at success. We use our innovative technology to help you tailor your submission to the opportunity. Want to cue your submission to the perfect part? Set a cue when you submit. Want to add a quick message to the client about your submission? Add a comment. What if you want to add an even better version after you have submitted to the opportunity? Upload your new version free of charge and the client gets instant access to the modified version. We want you to succeed and we are committed to providing the right tools to get you there.

Keeping You Informed

We want to keep you informed on what’s happening with your submissions. Features such as our Notifications page can tell you when your music has been listened to or if a client is considering one of your songs for licensing, also known as being shortlisted.
The HitFeed in your account is a great place to see updates on opportunities, listen to songs that have been shortlisted and check out who is being licensed. Why do we post shortlists and selections? It’s a way for us to pass on feedback from the client on what they are considering or have chosen for licensing. It can be a great comparable for your own submissions.

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