• Since joining HitLicense I have been fortunate enough to be shortlisted over a dozen times, including three selections, each around the $1k amount. I love HitLicense because the opportunities cover a broad range of musical genres, and they are always precisely defined. Even when I am unsuccessful it is reassuring to listen to the shortlisted tracks and identify that they match stylistically to the example tracks in the opportunity description. The education members receive from being able to study public shortlists and selections is priceless, and infinitely more useful than any kind of written critique. You should be re-assured that HitLicense are always fair in their choices, and the real client is involved in every decision - therefore I wholeheartedly endorse HitLicense for anybody who is wary. Shortlists are always revealed in a timely manner, and any delay in finalizing selection is purely due to the realities of the creative schedules of the various companies, and this is out of anyone's control. I trust that the HitLicense team are doing their best to be transparent and advocate for the music of members, and some recent and future website improvements are further evidence of this. I have also made some great friends amongst the supportive and talented members here. You can check out my music at https://soundcloud.com/zacnelson

    Zac Nelson
    Zac NelsonComposer and Artist
  • With over 14 years of experience in the music industry and the field of music licensing I can tell that HitLicense is a fantastic platform and my personal favorite. Since I joined in 2015 I’ve had many successful placements through HitLicense. Communication with the support team is brilliant and I always receive my payments in the exact timeline set out by the licensing client. New opportunities are presented regularly that reach out to a wide variety of music styles and genres. This is great because musicians can select and submit to what fits their style best and everyone can find success in music licensing. I wish lots of inspiration and success to all my fellow musicians and I say a big Thank You to the HitLicense team for the great work. Keep on being Awesome!

    Valdi Sabev
    Valdi SabevComposer, Producer, Artist
  • HitLicense has helped me achieve what I would previously only dreamed of. Of course, your work still has to be top quality, but HitLicense opens the way to the right contacts thanks to their industry background. After several shots in the dark at contacting the right people, I tried HitLicense. Since then I have had a variety commercial and television placements. Top job!

    Jason Boyd
    Jason BoydComposer, Pianist
  • HitLicense is one of the best sources for licensing music. The website is easy to navigate and shows very clear directions and references for the music that is sought for each opportunity, which has given me higher chances to get licensed and shortlisted. It is highly recommended for all the other composers and artists who are seeking licensing opportunities.

    Marika Takeuchi
    Marika TakeuchiComposer, Pianist
  • HitLicense is great site run by an incredible crew. After my song was selected they kept me very well informed through every step, and any time I had a question it was answered immediately. I have had one track selected and licensed through HitLicense now with a large payout and I hope to have a few more very soon. I am and will continue to be a great testament that this site really works! Thanks!

    Andrew VanBoxel
    Andrew VanBoxelSinger/Songwriter
  • HitLicense has been a great songwriting motivator for me. The listings provide much needed inspiration when the idea well is running dry, and I've been fortunate enough to land some very nice placements through them. Everyone I've dealt with at HitLicense is super friendly and easy to work with. Gotta love the user friendly website too!! You guys rule!!!

    Paul Otten
    Paul OttenSinger/Songwriter
  • "There are a lot of music supervision services out there - and plenty of them will allow you to spend your money submitting your music to expired or nonexistent opportunities The best an artist can hope for is getting a fair shot at having a decision maker hear their work. For me, what distinguishes HitLicense from the rest includes transparency, fair pricing, credible opportunities, and timely communication. Driving all of this is a great business development/relationship management mechanism, granting them seemingly exclusive access to a host of diverse and appealing opportunities."

    Frank DeSalvo
    Frank DeSalvoArtist, Composer
  • HitLicense has become a huge part of my life. I simply love how it works. 6 submissions for $25.00. No annual fees. Friendly and prompt responses to queries. Great fellow songwriters to listen to. Ample time to get your song in. But the best part for me are the listings themselves. While I typically do the singer/songwriter or piano instrumental thing, there are always other really exciting opportunities. From garage rock to classical to spaghetti westerns. I also appreciate the reference tracks that accompany the listing, as they’re usually both current and out of the box. Finally, I love the picture! (sounds strange, I’m sure…) A picture says a thousand words and for me, that visual cue helps me hone in on the emotion the listing’s shooting for. I actually write to the picture! Can’t say enough, actually. Love my HitLicense.

    Graham McRae
    Graham McRaeArtist, Composer Little Red Church
  • HitLicense is run by a fantastic crew and they make a great effort in bringing real opportunities to you. I have been submitting tracks for over a year now, and can honestly say that my experience with HitLicense is the most positive online licensing opportunity I've ever had.

    Matt Coe
    Matt CoeArtist, Composer
  • I very much enjoy working with HitLicense. The opportunities are excellent and they are presented in a well-organized, clear, friendly format with track style (a la) samples available with a single click on the same page. New listings come out almost every day- a nice steady stream of REAL opportunities. It's also great that you know when your submissions have been listened to and if they have been shortlisted. To date, I have licensed two tracks through HitLicense. So I know first hand that it works!

    Casey Hurowitz
    Casey HurowitzSongwriter
  • HitLicense has been great to work with. The site design is user-friendly and easy to navigate, the briefs and reference tracks provide clear direction, and the feedback process is well managed. Having placed two pieces with HitLicense thus far, I can attest to a degree of professionalism that I have not experienced with other similar licensing websites.

    Dale Anderson
    Dale AndersonComposer, Producer and DJ
  • HitLicense is a great outlet for licensing my music. They have multiple genres and opportunities which correlate well to my music style and sound. I have even had some success with placement and have already received payments. Most importantly, they have great customer service and support. With every inquiry, someone, (a real person) has responded back to me in a very timely manner with the utmost personal attention. They take good care of their affiliated artists. No doubt, they take care of their clients needs for licensing music as well. I will continue to upload and pitch my tracks through HitLicense.  

    John Tussey
    John TusseyPianist, Synthesist and Composer
  • I have been delighted with "HitLicense" as a way of getting my songs "out there"! I have had a couple of successful placements & a few more that were "under consideration". This has given me a huge boost. It has encouraged me to keep going & hopefully land a big placement eventually. I find the site clear, simple & easy to use. When I have had any queries, they are always dealt with promptly & to my satisfaction. "HitLicense" is an excellent site for musicians/bands/songwriters looking to have their material listened to by ad agencies/producers & music supervisors alike.

    Alan Trickett Barbwire Tourniquet
    Alan Trickett Barbwire TourniquetSongwriter and Artist
  • Over the last 15 years we have worked with quite a few "music-placement" companies. Today, HitLicense.com is our favourite platform. We appreciate the variety of their listings just as much as the simplicity of the submission process. Once a submission is in, we're always kept up to date by the system on what is happening, what stage of the whole process we're at. If a track gets shortlisted by a potential licensee but is then not chosen for licensing, they actually credit us with the $ 5 submission fee which is something we have never encountered with any other company before and we highly appreciate it. Communication with them has been quick and easy and last but by no means least, the music examples, right there below each listing, are a big help and time-saver.

    Peter Koellerer and Thomas Viehboeck
    Peter Koellerer and Thomas Viehboeck Sonic Adventure Project
  • HitLicense is simply the best when it comes to licensing your music. All the big opportunity providers shop for music here and, every one of your submissions is always, always heard. Where it gets best is that it's free to sign up (this runs into hundreds of dollars elsewhere!), you only pay a fee of $5 per submission and you can earn some free submissions by sharing opportunities. I'm from India and HitLicense made my licensing dreams come true, because I could actually afford to submit to opportunities and have my music licensed finally! I have been consistently recommending the site to my musician friends and I must say I love HitLicense. I check it constantly and the red notification sign makes me feel like Santa is with me all year round!

    Suchitra Lata
    Suchitra LataMusician and Singer Songwriter
  • HitLicense is an excellent way for composers and songwriters to find licensing opportunities in many different genres; including film, television and video games. I've had great success thus far in licensing my music through HitLicense, and they are also always quick to respond to any questions that I may have. I've tried many other online opportunity providers, but have found HitLicense to be the best! Keep up the great work!

    Craig Dodge
    Craig DodgeComposer and Artist
  • As a songwriter/producer HitLicense is my most valuable resource. I got my first licenses from using the site and have been shortlisted for countless others to date. I find the customer service to be excellent. The staff reply to any questions in a most timely and polite manner which assures the customer you are in safe hands, a luxury other music licensing sites simply do not provide. All in all my experience with 'HitLicense' has been more than positive and I highly recommend the service to other artists.

    Adrian Sood
    Adrian SoodSongwriter and Producer
  • A straightforward, clear, easy to work site, making licensing submission a no brainer. Good feedback from who's listening to what, and furthermore, a submission refund if a shortlisted song doesn't get selected.  

    Peter Pearson
    Peter PearsonSongwriter and Composer
  • HitLicense is a great resource for any songwriter out there who wants to get their music placed in Film and TV but doesn't have the contacts to make that happen.  

    Adonis Tsilimparis
    Adonis TsilimparisArtist, Producer and Composer
  • HitLicense has leveled the playing field in the world of music licensing. Up to this point, the opportunity to present, let alone be licensed, for film/tv has been a tightly shut & sealed door. With HitLicense, I have successfully licensed my music in multiple platforms whereas otherwise I would have never of known where to start. Here's to every artist being heard. Cheers to HitLicense.

    Chad Lawson
    Chad LawsonComposer, Pianist and Artist
  • I’ve had great success with HitLicense getting my music licensed multiple times for use all over the world! The opportunities are so diverse: movies, TV, national ad campaigns….. everything you can think of! These are legitimate opportunities to get your songs placed in the commercial marketplace. HitLicense is a great resource for songwriters and music producers to generate real money from your creativity. The submission process is simple, the screening is quick, and the results are indisputable. Chris and the staff at HitLicense are continually looking for ways to streamline the entire song submission/screening/selection process. They are committed to using technology to offer songwriters and music producers the most user-friendly experience possible. As a pro songwriter and music producer, I use HitLicense in between artist projects. HitLicense offers a great service that I’ve found to be personally, professionally, and financially rewarding!

    James Kocian
    James KocianSongwriter, Artist, Producer


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