When and Why to Set a Cue

We want to discuss when and why you should set a cue in your submission.

When listening, licensing clients are often required to make quick judgement calls. By setting a cue you can ensure that they are basing their decision on the part of your submission that best matches their needs.

Setting a cue can be most effective when submitting a full song to an advertising opportunity. Agencies are often looking for a short, precise piece of music to enhance their promotion, as ads range from 30 to 60 seconds in length. If the relevant part of your submission is a couple of minutes into your track, it is a good idea to have the music licensing client start closer to the spot that has the right emotion, build, etc. that they are looking for.

It is important to note that cues are not always necessary and it can be more advantageous to have the client listen and experience the full version of the song. This can apply to Film and TV opportunities where your submission in its entirety captures the criteria and you want to avoid over guiding the client.

As with most things there is no set rule and you will have to rely on your best judgment in determining whether it is beneficial for you to set a cue. If you have any questions about setting cues please feel free to contact us at support@hitlicense.com.

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  • E J Bell

    So if you do set a Cue point, does the rest of the song get heard or is it up to the person listening? I know it starts at the point that is set and I have considered doing that but sometimes I think there may be parts not heard that might help the pitch.

    • HitLicense


      Thank you for the question. If a cue is set the song would start at the cue point and would play for the duration of the song. The client also has the option to listen to the song without the cue.

  • DWS

    This helps, but I’m a bit confused about what you mean when you say “…cue is set would start at the cue point…” Is there a specific method when uploading our cues that we can set a starting point, or do we have to edit them in a such a way that they start where we think the most relative portions our?

    • HitLicense

      Yes, when submitting a track to an opportunity you are given the option of setting a starting point. Below is a link to a quick youtube tutorial that shows you how to do this.


      We appreciate your feedback and please be sure to let us know if we can help with anything else.

      Thank you,
      HitLicense Support

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