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Change has come to the HitLicense site! We have been working on ways to help improve your experience with easier navigation and a better layout that gives you quicker access to the information you need.

When you come to the site for the first time you will be met with the new design and layout. Log in as normal to access your account.

Once you are logged in, you will see the changes made to the overall navigation. The top menu bar has been simplified and a new left menu bar was introduced. More on this shortly.

The HitFeed has been completely redesigned with new features. Your member feedback influenced several changes, one of them being the ability to expand opportunities within the HitFeed. Now you are able to see all of the details without being taken away from the page and losing your place. The infinity scrolling was added allowing for the page to continuously load the next posts, making it quicker to see what has been happening at HitLicense. Your notifications have been incorporated into the HitFeed, both general and personally related posts are now together in one timeline.

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The left menu bar was added to improve the accessibility of information relating to your submissions and account. In “My Notifications” we have introduced filters to help you quickly find what you are looking for. We have moved “My Opportunities” to the left menu bar to improve access to the opportunities you have submitted to.

The “Opportunities” page has become more functional with optional filters. The improvements were a result of member’s desire to have a search ability that would decrease the amount of time spent looking for licensing opportunities that relate to a specific genre of music. The filters now allow you to sort by genre and project type.


As we grow, it is our intention to continuously enhance our platform to help you successfully license your music. We hope that these upgrades will improve your HitLicense experience.

From all of us at HitLicense, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback!

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  • David H

    I like most of the changes but miss the page to view licensed songs only. And the “1 new message” on my notification tab doesn’t clear even after viewing it. All in all, nice look!

    • HitLicense

      Hi David. The Licensed page will be added, there are still a few areas that we are working on. The notification clearing issue has been fixed. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Steven

    You. Are. AWESOME!

  • Tracey & Vance Marino

    Great changes — the site is very streamlined now and it seems more efficient. Thanks!

    • HitLicense

      Thank you for the feedback!

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