Launched! HitLicense Promotional Opportunities

Our promotional opportunities have launched! We are excited to introduce you to our new, exciting way to promote your music for licensing.

An Overview

The promotional opportunities are a way for us to showcase some of the great music we have on HitLicense to a wide network of licensing contacts. The opportunities are free to submit to and are open to all HitLicense members.

One of our goals is to provide HitLicense members with additional avenues to gain exposure to music licensing contacts. By introducing your music in a promotional form we are able to increase the ways in which your music can be discovered and subsequently licensed. With the promotions a client could hear a song, like it and save it for a future opportunity.

The Details

The promotional opportunities will be laid out in a similar format to our current licensing opportunities. There will be a written description of what we are looking for as well as music examples or videos to be used as a general reference and guide.

The promotions will be for our most requested music topics and genres; music best suited for film, TV and advertising based on our experience working with our music licensing clients.

Members are able to submit up to two submissions per promotion. Unlike our client-based opportunities, listen notifications and shortlists will not be generated, however we will publish the selected songs in your account and you will receive a notification if you are selected.

We are limited to a small number of songs we can select for each promotion and if one of your songs doesn’t get selected there will be many more future opportunities.

Once selected, your song and profile will be included in a promotional sampler that will be sent to our licensing network; including our existing client base and a broader network of licensing contacts. The final promotion will also be visible to all HitLicense members.

We are committed to providing our members with new ways to promote their music and gain exposure, whether it is through these promotional opportunities or another one of the new avenues we will be unveiling soon.

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  • Joshua Tabachnick

    sounds great!!!
    look forward to being a part of this new and exciting program.

  • Zac

    Awesome! Thanks Hit License! πŸ™‚

  • James

    Sounds cool.

  • Bob Dellaposta

    Thanks for the opportunity…

  • jim fiegen

    Another great reason to love Hit License.

  • Derrick Jamison

    I love it. Definitley a plus for more contacts to reach this community.

  • Nick Ferrantella

    Sounds great! How do we submit songs?

  • Avs

    Thanks so much that’s very generous and appreciated !

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