HitLicense Update – May 2015

Hey HL Members! There’s been a lot going on at HitLicense and we wanted to take a few minutes to update you.

fasttrack Fast Track Opportunities

The recently launched Fast Track opportunities have been very successful; we really appreciate the great submissions. So far we have been able to license four tracks from these opportunities.

A quick note regarding these, they are non-exclusive which means we do have competition when presenting to the client. However, we have found that because of the quick turnaround times that there are fewer players involved.

update The Latest from Licensing

Our licensing team has been working hard to follow up with shortlists and update opportunity statuses. After a few months of working with the producer for the “TV – Country Romance” opportunity, we received an update that the decision will be finalized within the week with at least one confirmed license.

The “TV – Country Romance” opportunity is an example of why we will leave some opportunities open longer than their expected decision date. TV producers that have shortlisted or expressed interest in tracks often have ongoing music needs. Because we have already made that connection with them and the music we will keep the opportunity open as long as the client continues to show interest.

Because of this reality we are working on new types of opportunities that will better address clients with ongoing music needs. We look forward to sharing more details on this soon!

licensed Recently Licensed

We would like to congratulate the members that have recently had their music licensed:

Little Lines (Instrumental) – (Robyn Dell’Unto)
Come Out Of My Life (Skitchy) – Submitted by skitchy
Sleep (White Apple Tree) – Submitted by 37 Records
HL Sand And Surf (Charles P. Hurowitz (Songwriter) – Submitted by hurowitz
Go Slow (James Bright ) – Submitted by CAPP Records Inc.
Edens Rain (James Kocian) – Submitted by James Kocian
No Shakers (I-Revolution) – Submitted by gsadler

promotions Promotions Update

We are in the final stages of development for the free promotional opportunities. This marks one of the many new and exciting ways we will be promoting the music of our members to our licensing network. We look forward to sharing more of what’s in store in the coming months, stay tuned!

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  • Chris Rivedal

    Sounds awesome!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Zac Nelson

    Thanks for the great update! It’s awesome to see all the activity going on at Hit License!

  • Chris Barry

    Very impressed with the new look website and even more impressed with the thought that has been put in to it!
    Hope to be amongst the licenses soon.

  • David H

    Nice to get these updates!

  • Diane Ridaeus

    Yes indeed, nice to see all the success and absolutely stunning work from the members !

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