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At HitLicense we have the opportunity to work with many talented people. Over the last two years a community has formed around HL, a mix of talented artists, composers, publishers and labels, that continues to evolve and grow. We are committed to helping our members connect and reinforce the relationships that have been built. With that in mind, we have some exciting things planned that will open new avenues to connect with others that are active in music licensing.

One of the ways we wanted to start was by introducing members of our HL community, it’s a great way to hear from other artists and for us to showcase the talent we have at HitLicense to our existing network of licensing clients.

Matt Coe is a composer that we have had the privilege to work with on several music licensing projects over the past couple of years. He’s a great talent and a genuinely cool guy. Matt’s had a wide range of music licensing successes with his most recent placement at HitLicense coming from the 2015 KMS campaign. See below:

How did you get started composing?

When I first started playing in bands, I had an extreme love towards improvisation. I played lots of instruments growing up, but guitar stoked the musical fire for me. I wouldn’t just play along with the tunes; I would jam out with the music. That “jamming” passion continued as I played in bands, until I realized that I wanted to learn more about music. After I graduated with a BA in Music Composition, I decided to move from Seattle to Los Angeles. I have been around recording studios for years, but I never had the means to be able to build one in my home. So I got busy. That was 14 years ago now, and I’ve come to rely on all of my hardware and software in the creation of making music, just as much as my instruments.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Oh man… so many…
My family and friends are a huge musical inspiration for me. I grew up with my mom always playing flute and piano, she played flute professionally for years. My youngest brother is a wizard on guitar, and my other brother got me interested in the business side of music, and to just be myself creatively. I have lots of friends that play music for a living so it’s always inspiring to see what they are up to!

As far as other influences I would say: Jimi, Miles, James Brown, Floyd, Zeppelin, Cash, Les Paul, Beatles, Stravinsky, Xenakis, Steve Reich, Beastie Boys, NWA, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Beck, White Stripes, harmonic overtone singing… and the list could go on for just about ever- everything I hear. Birds, rain, ocean waves… multi-variable calculus, limits and infinite series… multi-universes… ahhhh!!!!!

What are some of your career highlights?

I think “Life Highlights” may be more accurate. I tend to live within my career, which I find to be the case with most creative people. I’ve done some travelling, and when I’m on an adventure, I always have some real personal highlights (realizations), that I can later apply to my musical interests. I’ve only won one award ever, and it was for 1st place in the rock category of the Great American Song Contest. I did get a free, yearlong Taxi membership out of it, which got me into music licensing.

I’m proud to have music licensed in over 50 television shows at this point. Maybe that’s a cool Career Highlight!?!?!

Do you have a favorite music placement, Film, TV or Ad, and why? (It does not need to be one of your own)

I have too many, none of which are my own.
One is in the movie Shine, when Geoffrey Rush is bouncing naked on the trampoline. I believe the piece is by Vivaldi, and is called “Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera.” Absolutely beautiful!
Number two would be from the movie UP. Michael Giacchino’s piece called “Married Life.” Such a fantastic piece of music, and it takes you on an emotional roller coaster!

Your song “You’ve Got To Mean It” has been licensed multiple times through HitLicense, with the most recent license being for the 2015 KMS Promotion. What is the story behind the creation of this track and what do you think has led to it being so popular for licensing?

This track was born out of utter life (career) frustration. In 2011, my garage/studio got broken into. They took all kinds of stuff. It must have been a really exciting shopping spree for them! Luckily I had insurance, and was able to recover, but the next few months were really frustrating because it was becoming tougher for me to find any work. Then, I got the opportunity to write a piece of music for an undisclosed whiskey company, and “You’ve Got To Mean It” was born. I let all my angst out on this track and didn’t get the gig. They went with some fluffy-ass indie rock s*#t instead. I was pissed, but I figured that it would eventually be used for something ‘cause it was pretty good! Turns out I was right. I’m still debating on turning it into a full song.

Do you have any advice for those looking to break into the Film and TV world?

I could tell you the same s@#t that everyone always says after being asked this question, but I won’t. I’m sure someone has already answered it better than I could ever do.

So here is something a bit different…

Bust your ass and get to know people. Don’t be scared to be yourself, because if you can’t be yourself then you have no business doing business. Oh, and write at least 2 minutes of music everyday. I think that might sum it up.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up in 2015/2016?

Yes, unfortunately most of them won’t be exciting. Although, I can think of a few that will be awesome!

Matt Coe, April 2015.

Check out Matt’s website at www.mattmelodiouscoe.com

View some of Matt’s recent projects:

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Teletoon Retro

Chevy Camaro ZL 1

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