Frequently Asked Questions


What is HitLicense?

HitLicense provides a service that connects Artists and Music Companies directly to Ad Agencies, Music Supervisors and Companies looking to license music.

Is there a Membership fee?

No, at HitLicense there are no monthly or yearly membership fees and you pay only for the opportunities that you choose to submit to.

What is the cost to submit to an opportunity?

The cost per submission is $5.00. All dollar amounts are in USD.

Do you offer submission Credit Packages?

Yes, we do offer submission credit packages that provide a discount on submission costs.

$25 package = $30 in submission credits
$50 package = $60 in submission credits
$100 package = $125 in submission credits
$200 package = $260 in submission credits

Is this a nonexclusive service?

Yes, membership is non-exclusive. If you become a member of HitLicense you can still pitch your music through other music licensing services, labels or publishers. You always maintain 100% control and ownership of your music.

What types of professionals use your service to find music?

Ad Agencies, Music Supervisors, Music Production Companies and Corporations looking to license music.

Does HitLicense take a percentage of the payout?

No, we serve as a connection between our Members and Ad Agencies, Music Supervisors and Production Companies. We do not take a percentage of the payout offered.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal

How will I receive payment if I get a license?

Payment is generally made through PayPal or by check.

What are Hit$ and how do I earn them?

Hit$ are promotional credits that can be used towards submissions: 1 Hit$ = $1. Hit$ are earned through sharing or by purchasing a credit package.

What infomation is posted in the HitFeed?

The HitFeed features:

  • New and closing soon opportunities
  • Shortlists
  • Your notifications
  • Licensing Selections
What is the “Notifications” page?

The “Notifications” page is where you receive the following updates on your account and your music:

  • Songs Submitted
  • Listens
  • Shortlisted
  • Selected
  • Hit$ Earned
What is the “My Opportunities” page?

This is where all of the opportunities that you have submitted to will be displayed. You are able to easily track the opportunity and status updates for each opportunity.

What is the “My Songs” page?

This is where all of your saved songs are displayed. There are two ways to add songs to this page: either by uploading directly or by submitting to an opportunity. When you submit to an opportunity your song is automatically stored in your “My Songs” page. There is no cost to uploading songs to your “My Songs” page.

Is there a limit to how many songs I can upload on the “My Songs” page?

No, you can upload and store as many tracks as you like on your “My Songs” page. Pay only for the songs you choose to submit to a specific opportunity.

Where do I upload my profile picture?

To upload your profile picture click on the default profile picture or go to the “My Account” section under “My Profile”.

Where does my profile picture get displayed?

Your profile picture is displayed when one of your songs has been shortlisted or selected. Other members are able to view and listen to the song that was shortlisted or selected and see your profile picture.

How do I delete a song?

You can delete any song that you have uploaded at any time. Please be aware that deleting is permanent and once you have deleted a song it cannot be reversed. Once a song is deleted it is also deleted from all opportunities that you have submitted that song to. The Agencies and Supervisors will no longer have access to review your music, so please make sure you do not delete songs from opportunities that are still active.

You can delete your songs from the “My Songs” page by clicking next to the “X” that is located beside each song. Once you click the “X” you will be prompted to confirm. Once confirmed, your song will have been successfully deleted from our system.

Do you review the submissions prior to the client?

Yes, we review all of the submissions before client reviews begin. We review to ensure that the submissions are genre appropriate and that the overall sound quality is at a level that we are able to present.

Why am I no longer receiving the new opportunity emails?

Our opportunity mailing list is handled by a third party provider, if you have unsubscribed either accidentally or intentionally, then we are unable to send the emails to the address that has been unsubscribed.

If you have not unsubscribed, please check your junk mail folder.

If you are still unsure why the emails are not being sent to you, please contact us at and we can look into it for you.

How can I re-subscribe to receive emails?

In order to re-subscribe you must access a previous opportunity email that was sent to you and click the subscribe link located at the bottom of the page.


Who chooses the music examples?

Music examples are chosen by the client or are in collaboration with HitLicense.

Clients use the music examples as a general guide for genre, style, energy, etc. The clients are not looking for music that is a knock off or cover of the original.

The music examples are not showing up, what do I do?

Music examples are embedded videos hosted by YouTube, if you notice that the samples are not visible, this is usually an issue resulting from YouTube and is normally resolved quickly. If the video has been removed or is visible but no longer plays, please contact us at for assistance.

What does song length mean?

Song length refers to the duration of the submitted song. For example 30 to full length would mean that the client is open to reviewing songs that are 30 seconds to the full length. Full length averages from 3 to 5 minutes

What do the lyric requirements mean?

The lyric requirements are the general criteria regarding overall subject matter of the song. If a client is looking for a specific word or phrase to be included in the lyrics, then this will be clearly communicated in the opportunity description.


When can I expect my listen notification?

In general the clients will begin to review submissions after the submission deadline has passed, usually within 7 days.

What is a shortlist?

The shortlist is made up of the songs that are under consideration for licensing from the client.

Who decides which songs are on the shortlist?

The shortlists are generated from feedback received from the client.

Why did the expected decision date change?

Expected decision dates are dictated by the client and are used as a general guide that can change based on client timelines.

What do the various submission statuses mean?
  • Opportunity Open: opportunity is open for music submissions.
  • Opportunity Closed: opportunity is no longer accepting submissions.
  • Opportunity In Review: client is now reviewing the submissions.
  • Shortlisted: one of your submissions is being considered for a license.
  • Selected: your song was selected for licensing.
How will I know if I have received a license?

You will see a status change in your account. The status will be marked as “selected” and you will be contacted through email or by phone.


How do I submit a song to an opportunity?

To submit a song to an opportunity click on the “Submit” button inside the opportunity. Once in the submit page you have the option of either uploading a new song or adding a saved song.

Once you have added the song to the opportunity make sure that you click on the “Submit to Opportunity” button.

What are the submission guidelines?

All submissions must be in MP3 format.

Please ensure that you own or control the master and publishing to your submissions.

Please do not use commas in any of the uploading information fields.

I added a song but it is not showing up as submitted, why?

Submitting music to an opportunity requires two steps. First you must upload a new song or add a song from your “Saved Songs”. Once you have completed the first step, you will then see the second step on the right hand side of the page outlined in red. In order to complete the second step you must click the “Submit to Opportunity” button. Once this is done, your music will be added to the opportunity.

What happens if I miss a submission deadline?

If you missed a deadline please contact us at and if the client is still open to reviewing submissions we can arrange for your submission to be added.

What if I have a great Vocal track that I think would work for the opportunity but they only want Instrumentals?

If the client is only interested in Instrumentals then do not submit Vocal tracks.

Do you review the submissions prior to the client?

Yes, we review all of the submissions before client reviews begin. We review to ensure that the submissions are genre appropriate and that the overall sound quality is at a level that we are able to present.

How do I modify a submission?

To modify or update a song you must go to your “My Songs” page and click on “Modify Song” beside the song you would like to change. Here you are able to modify three areas: title, artist or upload a new MP3. Please note that when updating a song the changes will be reflected in all opportunities that the song has been submitted to.

Do you accept covers?

We do not accept covers unless it is specifically asked for in the opportunity.

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