Creating Custom Music for Ads

We would like to offer a quick tip to those members who submit custom music tracks for HitLicense advertising opportunities.

It is important to have a finished track that doesn’t sound too close to the music example provided. Often a music licensing client will avoid a track if they feel it is too closely based on an existing copyright, especially when that copyright was used as a reference. Ad Agencies that represent corporate brands do not want to introduce any legal risk to their clients or risk having to change music mid-promotion.

A tip when composing for an advertising opportunity is to use the music examples as a general guide for things like instrumentation, tempo and the general emotion and feeling that the example elicits but, unless specifically requested, the music licensing client is not looking for an exact sound-alike.

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  • Victor Brealon

    I just don’t understand why a lot of times the client won’t say what company the commercial is for like they will just say in the ad car commercial for major brand.Why not say Chevy,ford,dodge etc so we can make the song even more personal.

    • HitLicense

      Hi Victor,

      Thank you for the question. For the opportunities we are posting the client is not looking to tie their company name into the song. They are looking for music that embodies a feeling or style that enhances their brand without direct association. The brand identification comes through the voiceover or onscreen graphics. In the instance of a jingle or custom piece of music where they need their brand referenced we would have them work directly with a composer/producer.

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