Our mission is simple: to help connect independent music with licensing opportunities in Film, TV and Advertising.

At HitLicense we help independents promote their music for licensing. We do this by combining quality music licensing opportunities with our intuitive technology.

Today HitLicense works with thousands of independent artists and composers worldwide. Our platform allows users to easily and quickly connect with the latest licensing opportunities without upfront membership fees, existing industry connections and without losing control and ownership of their music.

HitLicense lets users manage all aspects of their submissions: from selecting the right opportunities for their music, to adding a comment or setting a cue, to being able to track listens and to hear what music is being considered or selected for licensing.

We created HitLicense to help members capitalize on the growing music licensing market and will continue to evolve our platform and service to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

“We’ve built a company that is passionate about helping independents license their music. Our goal is to continue to connect you with quality licensing opportunities for your music.”


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