Hit License
Indie Art Film

Music Supervisor needs a variety of introspective Singer Songwriter songs and acoustic instrumental tracks for an upcoming film. Synopsis: Claire works in the bookstore at a prestigious art school; shy and introspective she loves to paint but is too self-conscious to share her work.  One night when she is feeling inspired she goes to the school to paint.  Lost in her work, Claire doesn’t realize that someone is watching her, someone who is going to turn her world upside down. (Music Examples Below)

Singer Songwriter, Acoustic Instrumentals
$ 1,500 (Festival License $250)
Slow to Medium
Vocal Mix:
Vocals or Instrumentals
Lyric Requirements:
Open to all.
Track Length:
60 to full-length
Expected Decision Date:
January 14, 2013
Music Examples and links:
Producer needs New Age music that builds a feeling of exploration and wonder for an Earth series. Songs should help capture the raw and natural beauty of the planet.
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December 29, 2014
$ 300
Agency is looking for bright Acoustic Instrumentals for a Childrens Vitamin Brand. Music should have an uplifting, carefree innocence that reminds you of childhood.
View it Deadline:
December 17, 2014
$ 2,000
Producer needs somber and reflective Instrumentals for an upcoming TV placement. Music needs to capture the emotions of grieving or saying goodbye.
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December 16, 2014
$ 750
Supervisor needs romantic or reflective songs about a past relationship that ended with regrets. Songs can be about wanting someone back or wishing you never met them.
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December 22, 2014
$ 5,000
Ad Agency is looking for bright Pop songs for the promotion of a fashion retailer. Music should be upbeat, fun and carefree.Vocals or Instrumentals.
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December 12, 2014
$ 2,000
Producer needs Sci-Fi or action inspired Cinematic music tracks for a Gaming Company. Music should build anticipation and capture a foreign feel. 

View it Deadline: November 28, 2014 Payout $ 750
Producer is looking for Southern Rock songs for a Cable TV Series. Music needs to have an authentic sounding Southern or Bluesy style.
View it Deadline: November 28, 2014 Payout $ 500